Schools back – Now lets keep the house cleaned

back to school house cleaning

Everything just became a little more hectic.  You have less time to clean now that you have to get the kiddos off to school, picked up, taken to soccer practice….you get the picture.  2 Girls 1 Mop has some helpful tips to keep your home looking great and hopefully relieve some of your cleaning stress.

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Keep a trash can in your kids rooms.

It seems simple, but we all know our kids will take the path of least resistance. When it comes to throwing trash away, where do you want it? Under the bed or in a trash can?

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Remove those shoes!

Shoes track dirt. Teach your kids to leave the shoes and the dirt at the door. Not only will it make for less cleanup, but it also will help keep your floors and carpets looking great for longer.

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Organize the bathroom.

Invest in soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and a place to hang up towels. Teach the kiddos where everything goes and insist that they put stuff where it belongs. When everything has a place it makes cleanup much easier.

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Keep a laundry basket or 2 in the kids rooms.

Teach them to sort their clothes into colors and whites and laundry day just got so much easier!

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Change your air filters regularly.

Clean air means less dust. Not only will this make your home cleaner, but it’s also healthier for everyone.

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Those are all some great tips, but the easiest way is to let 2 Girls 1 Mop take over your cleaning nightmares.

2 Girls 1 Mop's professional teams of cleaners will relieve you of your cleaning stress and give you more time to spend with the ones you love.

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