Benefits of a Recurring Cleaning Service

Does your housecleaning routine look something like this: you do your best to keep your home clean, sweep as often as you can, and occasionally mop the floors. But why is it that you can never do enough to get the quality of cleaning you want? You regularly get the feeling that your home needs more cleaning than you can give it. Although you try to keep up with the home’s cleaning needs, it somehow manages to pile up. To … Read More

Tips & Tricks To A Cleaner Home

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Do you need some inspiration to help get your home clean? 2 Girls 1 Mop has a tip or two to help you get the jumpstart on your house cleaning chores.

Schools back – Now lets keep the house cleaned

back to school house cleaning

Everything just became a little more hectic.  You have less time to clean now that you have to get the kiddos off to school, picked up, taken to soccer practice….you get the picture.  2 Girls 1 Mop has some helpful tips to keep your home looking great and hopefully relieve some of your cleaning stress.

What To Expect From Your Maid Service

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The first step in knowing what to expect from your maid service is knowing the difference between a housekeeper / maid and a home cleaner.  Lets take a look at the differences: A home cleaner is someone who is hired to do a one time deep clean of your entire home or areas of your home.  A home cleaner does not come back to maintain the cleanliness of your home.  Sometimes a home cleaner will do things other than just … Read More