Benefits of a Recurring Cleaning Service

Does your housecleaning routine look something like this: you do your best to keep your home clean, sweep as often as you can, and occasionally mop the floors. But why is it that you can never do enough to get the quality of cleaning you want? You regularly get the feeling that your home needs more cleaning than you can give it.

Although you try to keep up with the home’s cleaning needs, it somehow manages to pile up. To catch up with overdue cleaning, you sometimes set aside one whole day to clean the home or hire someone to do it. But the results, though good, are short-lived.

A few days after your home has been properly cleaned, dirt starts to build up again. You watch with despair as the amount of cleaning tasks steadily exceed your available time. This continues until you can’t take it anymore and set aside yet another day to clean the home.

On and on, the cycle repeats itself. Your home constantly swings from one extreme of being really clean to the other extreme of being very untidy. In between, there are bouts of hurried cleaning to create a semblance of organization especially when you are expecting guests.

If this is the story of your house cleaning experience, then this post is for you. Here, 2 Girls 1 Mop and Brentwood Square Management will present a simple solution for your house cleaning needs. You will see why hiring a professional to clean your home regularly may be the best house cleaning decision you will ever make.

Recurring cleaning service: what is it?

This is a professional house cleaning service that runs on a schedule determined by you and the cleaning company. Instead of your home getting professional-level cleaning occasionally (when dirt builds up), it is cleaned frequently (to keep dirt from building up).

Typically, you get the same cleaning staff every time. This eliminates the need for repeated orientation and constant supervision. This kind of housecleaning arrangement offers you the most benefits in the short-term and the long-term.

Benefits of recurring cleaning service

1.   You get a deep clean every time

Deep cleaning involves more than you do during regular cleaning, such as sweeping or mopping floors, or dusting the items in your home. When the home is deep cleaned, areas that are typically out-of-reach, like exhaust or ceiling fans, baseboards, and lighting fixtures, are properly cleaned.

High-traffic areas of the home are also cleaned more often. Giving your home this kind of cleaning on a schedule is recommended. It will drastically cut down on the amount of work you have to do to keep your tidy, subsequently.

2.   Improve your focus and productivity

With a professional cleaning your home on a schedule, you are free to focus on other things. You will not have to deal with the ever present worry about the cleanliness of your home and when you can find the time to clean it.

Instead, you are freed of these nagging thoughts and can focus entirely on what you are doing. This will radically improve your productivity and make your work so much more enjoyable. You will also find more time to rest or enjoy the company of friends and family.

3.   Happy and organized home, with less anxiety

A cluttered home engenders anxiety because messy environments impair our ability to rest. Just by being in that space, the mind feels overwhelmed and has difficulty focusing. A cluttered home interferes with you and your family’s problem-solving abilities.

Clutter also makes us more irritable. Conversely, a clean and tidy home creates positive feelings. People in a clean and organized space do not feel like they are being choked. The positive feelings they experience reflect in how they relate to others or do their work.

4.   Improve indoor air quality; prevent illness, allergies, and pests

Professional cleaners are methodical and thorough when they clean the home. They have the right set of tools to reach the hidden parts of the home that harbor dirt, pathogens, and bad odors. They also follow a system that ensures no part of your home is overlooked.

The result is better indoor air quality for the home. There is a lower risk of allergies and respiratory illnesses because the cleaning service gets rid of mites, mold, and dust. Pests are also less likely to hide in your home when it is very clean.

5.   Long-term savings

A recurring cleaning service will save you money. Firstly, this is because the professional cleaner will save you the cost of buying expensive cleaning equipment and supplies. It is also because professional cleaners can slow wear and tear on your home.

They know that they must vary the cleaning techniques they use on the various materials and surfaces in your home. This slows deterioration and helps to keep the contents of your home in the best condition for the longest time. Because of this, your carpets, furniture, curtains, and other items will not need to be replaced so often.